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Credit: Rachel Goodale

We’d like to say thank you to everyone who participated in our “northforker Beach Baby” photo contest sponsored by Sprout Natural Parenting in Greenport. 

This photo from winner Rachel Goodale is captioned “Playtime on Edwards Avenue” and features a little guy gleefully playing with a bucket of water.

Rachel receives a $100 gift card to Sprout Natural Parenting, the Greenport store which offers an array of parenting items and other resources.

The merchandise includes, but is not limited to, books on subjects like nursing multiples, home births and sleep solutions. Products like washable lactation pads, nursing creams and natural sunblocks are also for sale, as are toys, mealtime supplies and baby clothes.

The merchandise is eco-friendly and much of it is made by artisans.

Find Sprout Natural Parenting is located at 37 Front Street. Reach them at (631) 593-0271 or follow them on Instagram, @sproutnaturalparenting.