The North Fork is in ‘Vogue’

Fork & Anchor in East Marion was one of several local businesses highlighted in a recent Vogue article. (Credit: David Benthal)

Well, here is some news that certainly cannot be dismissed as fake. A recent story in Vogue accurately sums up the North Fork’s appeal and gives mention to many of its high points.

“You’ll find in Long Island’s rural wine country, with farm stands aplenty, a quiet small town feel, with some of the best food on the East End,” write’s Gina Way in the Vogue piece entitled “A Guide to North Fork, the Un-Hamptons Weekend Getaway.

Many local businesses, like American Beech, White Flower Farmhouse and Croteaux Vineyards, are mentioned in the article which details a weekend itinerary for a North Fork sojourn. And we must say, the suggestions are on point. For example, a Saturday bike ride to Lavender by the Bay and Orient Beach State Park with a stop for lunch at Fork & Anchor followed by wine tasting at Kontokosta, snacks at the Orient Country Store and Little Creek Oysters with dinner at Barba Bianca seems like a near perfect schedule.

Before leaving the region the story suggest picking up a pie at Briermere Farms in Riverhead.

As the article states, “it will make a NYC reentry a little sweeter.”

It’s the latest in a string of recent articles in major publications to explore the North Fork’s appeal.

Last week the Wall Street Journal ran a page one story on Lavender By the Bay, the New York Times took a look at the North Fork real estate market last month and Eater New York wondered if the area is becoming the new Brooklyn in a recent story.

Read the full Vogue article here.