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This City Foodsters/Flickr photo was used to show off the new northforker restaurant, a hypothetical concept creating a menu with our favorite food items from across the North Fork.

City Foodsters/Flickr

This restaurant has no address. It’s not on the North Road or the south and offers no dock and dine option.

Neither the executive chef, sous chef nor maître d’ of this eatery exists.

Welcome to northforker, the finest restaurant you’ll never eat at.

Our staff has taken all of its knowledge from years — and even decades in some cases — of dining on the North Fork to develop an imperfect “perfect menu” featuring items from local restaurants. Collectively, we’ve decided that if this was a real establishment, we’d eat here at least once a week. But it’s not.

We had just a few rules for developing this menu: no restaurant could be featured more than once, it has to be based between Wading River and Orient, and at least someone on our staff has tried each of these dishes or drinks.

The toughest part of this experiment was choosing just one item from each place. North Fork Table and Inn, for example, features a top-of-the-line dinner menu and yet we chose a dessert.

Doing things this way also meant we couldn’t necessarily say “this is the best ___”), but rather that each of these items is worth trying.

Of course many of these local establishments have revolving menu items, so what’s listed might not be available on your next visit, but we used the most recent menus and prices we could find to create this “restaurant.”

We hope you enjoy your meal. Gratuities are not included in your bill.