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Baked apples at the Ram’s Head Inn. (Credit: Vanessa Gordon)

This summer, the North Fork is a canvas of photogenic dessert plates. With an abundance of local, fresh ingredients by talented purveyors, it is no surprise that restaurant chefs have gone above and beyond creating photogenic, edible masterpieces. Cameras and smartphones will be out and ready even before you grab your spoon and fork.

Make your Instagram followers swoon with these six Instagram worthy desserts created by notable chefs of the North Fork and Shelter Island.

Mocha Madness, American Beech
300 Main St, Greenport, (631) 477-5939

Dessert is served at American Beech in Greenport. (Credit: Vanessa Gordon)

You will want to make a mad dash for this one! Unravel those sweet textures with American Beech’s mocha madness: gooey chocolate cake and salted caramel ice cream generously drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with popcorn. Order a few different desserts on their rustic, pottery plates for that overhead variety shot. Want to spend the night? Order the nightcap: two desserts, a bottle of prosecco, and an overnight room for two.

Lemon Sorbet, Caci North Fork
56125 Main Rd, Southold, (631) 765-4383

Lemon sorbet from Caci North Fork. (Credit: Vanessa Gordon)

Their refreshing lemon sorbet is adorned with yellow and red raspberries and freshly whipped cream and is perfect for enjoying in their sun-soaked dining room. A runner up is their millefoglie dressed with Sorrento orange-infused ricotta cheese and cool, chocolate gelato. Be sure to snatch a table near a window for ideal photo taking.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Shortcake, North Fork Table & Inn
57225 Main Rd, Southold (631) 765-0177

Strawberry-Rhubarb shortcake from North Fork Table & Inn. (Credit: North Fork Table & Inn courtesy photo)

Their dessert menu is ever evolving with the change of the season, so you know you will be savoring the freshest ingredients around. This season’s shortcake is an accolade to the North Fork’s bountiful harvest: a strawberry-rhubarb shortcake with Catapano sweet cream and toasted almonds.

Baked Apples, Rams Head Inn
108 S Ram Island Dr, Shelter Island, (631) 749-0811

Baked apples at the Ram’s Head Inn. (Credit: Madison Fender/Ram’s Head Inn courtesy)

With its sprawling, serene backyard and cozy countryside interior, this historic inn is already a beautiful backdrop for all of your Insta-styling ideas. There will be many options to decide upon for capturing your favorite dessert. A must-try is their stunningly plated baked apples: dried fruits, almonds, amaretto and reduced cream. It tastes like it just leaped out of the apple orchard.

Liège Waffle, Red Maple
23 Grand Ave, Shelter Island, (631) 749-0018

Liège waffle from Red Maple. (Credit: Vanessa Gordon)

New this season at Red Maple is the Liège waffle, which was created by chef Gayle Scarberry and glistens with caramelized sugar. Served with caramel gelato and root beer syrup, the dish has a faintly crunchy texture from the pearled sugar and caramelized shell. This will be a fun dessert to snap while each of your guests are taking their first bite.

Vanessa Gordon is a Hamptons-based writer, tutor and fitness instructor. She received her Master of Arts degree in Education from New York University. She loves paddle boarding, antiquarian cookbooks and tea rooms. Find Vanessa on social media @EastEndTaste.