North Fork Dream Home: 18th century home with expansive, manicured gardens

This Peconic Lane homes is listed for (Credit: Douglas Elliman Real Estate, courtesy)

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Garden and history lovers, this house is for you.

A portion of this Peconic Lane home was built in the 1700s while the remainder of the 3,000-square-foot structure was built in the 19th century.

Naturally that means it offers features rarely seen anymore, said listing agent Chris Chapin of Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

“Sometimes you see the old houses [in the area] and they look almost like doll houses,” he said. “This one has slightly grander proportions. It has lower ceilings and lower doorways, but not oppressively so. It really hasn’t changed substantially there in centuries.”

Other original features include leaded glass windows as well as floorboards with varied plank widths, a marker of age in a home, Chapin said. He explained that during that time period people were more worried about making the floor work rather than making sure all the pieces matched.

The original portion of the four-bedroom, two-bathroom house encompasses the kitchen, parlor, bathroom and storage room. The remaining bed and bathrooms, as well as living and dining rooms, are in the “newer” addition.

“What makes me happy is just seeing this ancient house in a beautiful setting,” Chapin said. “That fact that many generations, probably 10 or 12, have lived in this house — you can see it and feel it.”

Another unique feature of the house is its location on Peconic Lane where it’s near Peconic’s charming downtown.

Chapin said most houses as old as this one are on main roads, rather than country lanes as a smaller population meant less established roads.

The house boasts another incredible feature — 6.8 acres of manicured gardens. Formerly a plant nursery, mature trees and shrubs decorate the property, giving the space the feel of an English estate, Chapin said.

“[The former owner] had been putting out shrubs and trees, planting them out there since the 1970s,” he said. “Although it was a working plant nursery, it looks much more like a formal park.

There is a broad central lane about 1,000 feet long with side rows of plants going on either side.

“It’s almost laid out like an avenue with side streets or like a cathedral with pews,” Chapin said

The home is listed at $1 million. See the listing here.

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