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Lighting by the North Fork-based Vintage Illumination Company at the Bedell Cellars’ Tap Room at Corey Creek. (Credit: David Benthal)

Lighting by the North Fork-based Vintage Illumination Company at the Bedell Cellars’ Tap Room at Corey Creek. (Credit: David Benthal photos)

We recently toured the revamped Bedell Cellars Tap Room at Corey Creek and fell in love with the new style. Designed with White Flower Farmhouse owner Lori Guyer, the new space features bright colors, reclaimed furniture and lots of North Fork specific décor.

With rosé on tap, charging stations and a lush yard perfect for yard games, we kinda don’t want to ever leave.  OK, so you can’t live at Corey Creek, but you can recreate the style in your home. We caught up with Guyer to talk about how to incorporate some of these touches in your personal space.

Nautical Lighting

Visit the Etsy shop of North Fork-based Vintage Illumination Company for that antique, industrial look to light up your rooms. This new company offers custom-made lighting fixtures from driftwood chandeliers to overhead bulbs secured with nautical rope (like the creation hanging in Corey Creek tasting room). Say goodbye to boring fixtures.


The floor at Corey Creek was given a fresh coat of paint with some colorful stripes and covered with a high-traffic polyurethane gloss. In our opinion it makes the space look cleaner, larger and more inviting.

You probably don’t need a high traffic finish for your home, though. Instead. Guyer offers this super cheap (but fancy looking!) alternative. Visit a lumber store and ask for a few pieces of plywood cut into six inch strips. Cut them into planks and adhere it to your floor with wood glue. Finish it with some porch and floor paint and you’ll have that fresh farmhouse look for a fraction of the cost.

Yard Sale finds

Repurpose yard sale finds, like this pitchfork, as wall décor. The prints, on the other hand, are daguerreotypes by Chuck Close.

The NoFo artifacts hanging on the wall, like antique eel spears and rustic watering cans, look like they could have been pulled from a farming and fishing museum. The reality? Most were picked up at local yard sales and repurposed as wall décor. Follow Northforker as we post a roundup of yard sales every Friday morning this summer. There are treasures out here waiting to be found!

Paint on the cheap

When I was a kid, I remember every room in our house was covered in what Home Depot sold as “Oops” paint. Guyer swears by this option. You can get super cheap paint cans at stores like Ace hardware in Southold if you don’t mind picking up a color that was mixed by mistake.

“We bought like a $5 paint that was an ugly color,” she said. “We said add a little blue, add a little green and they worked with us.”

Barn furniture

The most well-made large table you will find are work benches that have likely have been sitting in a barn for decades. If you can snag one of these at an estate sale, consider yourself very lucky. Spot the gorgeous antique one sitting on Corey Creek’s back deck.

Additionally, White Flower Farmhouse sells collapsible farm tables perfect to put out for company or a party.

This story was originally published in the June 2017 edition of northforker magazine