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Martin Accardi inside the new Brekky in Wading River. (Credit: Rachel Siford)

On any given morning, Martin Accardi could be found sitting in the Hudson Market in Wading River for about an hour. When the former owner, Tony Coates, said in passing that he was selling the place, a lightbulb went on in Accardi’s head.

“I was kind of caught up in a nine-to-five world, like a lot of people are, and it’s always been my dream to have a little shop,” he said.

The former Hudson Market primarily sold coffee and a few muffins, but Accardi wanted to transform it into something more extensive.

He reopened a month ago with Brekky, a rebranded and revamped establishment with a local twist.

“I said we have to do something different here,” he said. “I was starting to think about what I really like and what I’m passionate about food-wise, and isn’t anywhere in this area. That’s why I was thinking about healthier options.”

The main attraction at Brekky is acai bowls, along with coffee, iced coffee, muffins and snack foods but most important for the new owner is that everything is locally sourced and as healthy as possible.

“We try to do everything local as possible,” said Accardi, who lives in the Lake Panamoka section of Ridge. “The North Fork is like the more hipster and cooler place to be on Long Island.”

The reception from customers has been positive so far, he said.


“I really want to be focused on being a part of this community,” Accardi said. “It’s a place people come walking with their dogs and their kids. We can really build it and make a place for this community to come to.”

Gerard Bosch, a Shoreham native who’s moving back from Colorado, said he was glad to see the community becoming a walk-around, close-knit place again.

“This is kind of what the town used to be and I’m glad to see it coming back to that,” Bosch said as he ordered an acai bowl. “I used to know most of the shopkeepers in town, then the McDonald’s and Walgreens moved in and it kind of got a little more corporate feel. Now it’s kind of getting back to being a locally run area.”

Accardi bought the shop in October and kept it open through February so that Hudson Market regulars could see its transformation to Brekky. He began by working primarily on weekends and has now transitioned full time to the new business, which officially reopened in May.

“We’re just trying to be a hub for this community,” Accardi said.

Brekky is located at 6 Sound Rd., Wading River