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A sound bath meditation at the Catskill Zendo Monastery. (Credit: Courtesy photo)

A one-hour meditation class incorporating sound and scent is coming to North Fork Yoga Shala in Greenport this weekend.

The event, dubbed Sounds for a Calm Mind: Magnetic Sound Bath Meditation with Aromatherapy, will take place at 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. on Saturday, May 27.

If you read the above headline, you might be wondering what a magnetic sound bath meditation is. So first, an explanation.

“Invented by sound artist and creative technologist MJ Caselden, magnetic sound bath creates mantra-like vibrations that guide listeners into deep states of rest for relaxation, contemplation and clarity,” reads a description of the event.

“It creates vibrations,” said Maria Christodoulou, founder of the wellness retreat planning service Bliss Without Bother, the event’s organizer. “You’re laying down, listening and meditating without having to do anything. You go into a dreamlike state.”

Christina Daigneault, founder of Orchard Aromatherapy and co-author of a forthcoming book, Plant-Powered Beauty (2018), will provide aromatic scents from organic essential oils during the meditation to complement the vibrations of magnetic sound.

You do not need to be a practicing meditator to participate.

“Anybody can do this,” Christodoulou said. “You really just lay there and relax. You let the sounds and scents immerse you and you let things go.”

Meditators are then encouraged to talk about their experience following the session. Participants can also enjoy herbal tea from the Greenport boutique Tea & Tchotchkes.

The studio also occupies a former Masonic temple, an inviting space that sets the stage for relaxation.

“It’s a beautiful building. The energy in the room really spoke to me,” Christodoulou said.

Pre-registration is recommended and can be done here. The fee is $40. For more information e-mail Christodoulou at [email protected].

North Fork Yoga Shala is located at 430 Main Street in Greenport.