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gnome tree

The gnome tree at Hallock’s Cider Mill. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

You’ve heard of fairy gardens? Well, this is a gnome tree.

It’s located at Hallock’s Cider Mill in Laurel.

Marianne and Wayne Hallock reside next door to the farm stand and bakery in an old North Fork farmhouse built in 1860.

After one heavy snowstorm in February 2016, the top of a beautiful old maple tree — some 40 plus feet tall — was ripped off. While Wayne was trying to figure out how to cut the tree down, Marianne had other ideas.

She took to the internet and found some inspiration on Pinterest. Thus, the gnome tree was born.

They eagerly welcome visitors to the gnome tree and their farm stand, located at 1960 Main Road in Laurel.

With reporting by Barbaraellen Koch