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Aldo's greenport

Aldo Maiorana inside Aldo’s Coffee Company in Greenport. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

Aldo’s Coffee Company has been a Greenport staple for over three decades and now owner Aldo Maiorana is looking to fulfill one of his dreams to open a second location in Greenport.

An application for a proposed retail sales store will be before the Village Planning Board Thursday night. Maiorana, in a telephone interview Wednesday, said the new location would be an extension of Aldo’s and he referred to it for now as “Aldo’s too.’

“I’ve been excited for many years and we’re finally ready,” he said.

The store would be located at 127 Adams Street, a space Maiorana said he has been renting for years and currently uses to store equipment.

Maiorana said his current location on Front Street will remain open and he will co-run the new location with his managing partner, James Radosevic. He said it is unclear at the moment what exactly he would like the new store to focus on but it has always been his dream to do it all — coffee and cooking.

He said he hopes the new location will give him the ability to expand the business by having more space.

Maiorana said he wants to open as soon as possible.

“At my age, I like to have a little fun and maybe fulfill my dream of doing what I really want to do,” he said.

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