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This property located at 2750 Glenn Rd. in Southold is listed for $1,100,000. (Credit: Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty, courtesy)

This spacious one-story home comes with plenty of space, quietude and stunning views of Southold’s Goose Creek.

Located at the end of Glenn Road, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom contemporary overlooks a large, open section of the creek and comes with a private dock.

A glass gas fireplace, situated between the master bedroom and bathroom, offers a standout vantage point as well.

“When you stand in the shower and look through the fireplace you see a little gas flame going right out to the water,” said listing agent Donielle Cardinale of Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty. “It’s really amazing.”

Another one of Cardinale’s favorite features is the interior’s open design and lofty ceilings, making the house a “great entertainment space,” she said.

The move-in-ready house also has a large two-car garage that’s nearly 30 feet deep. The current owners have two cars, a motorcycle and a shop area in the structure, she said, adding that she believes the new owners could fit two sports cars back-to-back in the large space.

Overall, she said it’s a great house, calling the $1.1 million Southold property one of her favorite active listings. 

“The word that keeps coming to mind when people see it is that it has a very zen feel to it,” she said. “It’s got clean lines and a contemporary feel, yet a warmth that is a little bit different from a typical contemporary home.”

See the listing here. More photos below.

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