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KK’s The Farm in Southold hosted the second annual “Dandelion Festival” on Sunday, April 23. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

While many people might be wrestling with this weed in their garden right now, the dandelion was celebrated at KK’s The Farm this weekend.

A Dandelion Festival, now in its second year, was held at the Southold farm on Sunday, April 23. The festival featured lectures, dandelion food products, a wreath-making station and more.

The event was intended to “raise people’s awareness about the benefits of the dandelion as food medicine and herb,” said farm owner and event organizer Ira Haspel. He said he’d like to see people think twice before applying harmful pesticides to the ground to kill the flower. “Beside having all the fun, music and the food, the message is ‘let’s stop poisoning the earth,’ ” Haspel said.

He noted the plant’s deep tap root which makes it difficult to eradicate, but also enables it to pull up nutrients from deep within the soil.

Herbalist and beekeeper Sarah Shepherd provided dandelion tea and other goodies to attendees. She noted that she makes a dandelion oil which she said is useful for massages.

“It’s the tremendous power of the plant that it is available to everybody,” Shepherd said. “Little ones, poor ones, rich ones — they’re in all of our yards.”

Although there isn’t any concrete scientific data to back up claims of medicinal and health benefits, anecdotal evidence suggest that dandelions can be used a diuretic and has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you didn’t make it to The Farm on Sunday, Haspel plans to host the festival annually. See our video above.

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