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The cover of the first northforker magazine. (Credit: photo by Bridget Elkin, graphics by Eric Hod)
The cover of the first northforker magazine. (Credit: photo by Bridget Elkin, graphics by Eric Hod)

The following is a message from the editor of northforker printed in the inaugural issue of northforker magazine. The free publication is available at wineries, restaurants and newsstands around the North Fork. Get your copy now.

What’s so great about the North Fork?

As the editor of, it’s a question I’m often asked, so it seemed a fitting subject to explore in the inaugural issue of northforker magazine (see the magazine’s cover story).

We’d rather show than tell you what makes it so great — whether that be an Icelandic sheep farm providing sustainably produced meat to the community or the best places for a soul resetting hike on Shelter Island. We also want to share the stories of the people who make it all happen.

We hope to do all of that here.

Get to know the layout of our magazine, which includes four categories, Eat, Drink, Live and Breathe. They’re so-named because we want you to eat the freshest produce grown in our maritime climate, drink the wine grown in rolling vineyards, embrace country living and breathe in the salt air.

We’re calling our inaugural issue “bloom,” both to celebrate spring on the North Fork and the blossoming of the northforker brand.

If you never want to feel too far from the North Fork, we encourage you to visit our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram (@the_northforker) and sign-up for our newsletter. For those of you lucky enough to live here, it will help you stay connected with what’s happening in your backyard.

And we’d like to hear from you. Send your thoughts and suggestions to [email protected] and I promise to get back to you.

Thanks for listening to what we have to say. Thanks for trusting us with your stories. Thanks for reading.

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