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The view from Orient Beach State Park. It's one of our favorite spots on the North Fork. (Credit: Krysten Massa, file photo)
The view from Orient Beach State Park. It’s one of our favorite spots on the North Fork. (Credit: Krysten Massa, file photo)

When I saw a headline that read “The Most Underrated Places to Go in 2017” I thought, “this listicle better have the North Fork on it or it is pure garbage.”

It turns out this article wan’t internet bunk after all.

The post, which appeared on Business Insider‘s lifestyle site Insider March 23, features 14 vacation locales including the North Shore of Long Island. While the item mentions the entire northern Long Island coastline, there is a special shoutout to Greenport.

“In recent years, those looking for a more laid-back summertime escape in the area have turned to North Shore destinations, such as Greenport on Long Island’s North Fork,” the article states. “Despite some recent attention, these are still relatively undiscovered — at least when compared to the Hamptons.”

The region was suggested by senior executive editor Kelsey Blodget.

The North Shore joins Brittany (France), Montana, Romania, Budapest, Sri Lanka, Panama, Wisconsin, Middle America, Queens, Warsaw, Chattanooga, Mexico, and Zadar (Croatia) and Kotor (Montenegro) on the list of unlikely vacation destinations.

Honestly they all sound lovely, especially if you are over visiting tourist mainstays like London or Rome. I’d add all 13 to my bucket list. Well, 12. I’ve been to Queens and I’m not sure it’s a “must see before you die” kind of place.

But there is one thing about this article — which was originally published on hotel search site — that we must point out.

If publications keep writing about the North Fork, it’s not going to stay underrated for long.

Read the full article here.