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The Barre Room classes will be held at Dance Center of Mattituck, located on Pike Street. (Credit: Melissa Martin)
‘The Barre Room’ classes are held at Dance Center of Mattituck, located on Pike Street. (Credit: Melissa Martin)

Get ready to point those toes: A new type of ballet class has come to the North Fork.

In January, Dance Center of Mattituck began offering 45-minute classes during which all the movement is performed at the barre. In a typical ballet class, the first half is spent on barre work and the latter is dedicated to floor movements, according to instructor Regan Batuello, who teaches the classes under the banner of her business, “The Barre Room.”

Batuello said her sessions are slightly more strenuous than regular ballet classes since they focus solely on barre work.

“We do more reps, hold our leg in the air a little longer,” she said. “A lot of it is about strength and balance.”

Batuello danced throughout her childhood and teens. She received a scholarship to study at The New Dance Group Studio in New York City, took classes at the Martha Graham School and danced in Off-Broadway productions. 

In 2014, the Cutchogue resident signed up for a Russian ballet class at the Mattituck studio after a hiatus from dancing and was reminded of how much she loved it.

“I’ve worked really hard and I have the opportunity to do something I really loved,” she said. “I love working and I love dance classes.”

People of any age and experience level are able to take the classes, she said, and walk-ins are encouraged.

“Anyone can count to eight and anyone can stick their feet in the air,” she said. “It’s uplifting. There’s beautiful music and a lot of lovely women and a couple of lovely men. It’s a nice community.”

Batuello offers classes at the Pike Street studio Mondays through Fridays (check her schedule for times) for $15 per session. The first class is free; students with valid school IDs are charged $10.

The Barre Room is also offering a $160 unlimited class card for the month of March. If a student attends class on all 22 weekdays during the month, however, Batuello will refund the $160.

Students are asked to wear comfortable clothing that won’t hinder movement. For more information, visit

Dance Center of Mattituck is located at 445 Pike Street in Mattituck. Call (631) 298-1280.