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grilled tuna Bay breeze Inn & restaurant

Bay Breeze Bistro’s grilled tuna with hoisin sauce, served with vegetable slaw (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

grilled tuna Bay breeze inn & restaurant

When David and Donna Perrin and Frank and Donna Scarola bought the Bay Breeze Inn & Bistro last year, they initially planned to turn the restaurant over to another operator.

But they changed their minds after receiving feedback from guests and neighbors, and we’re so glad that they did. Along with chef Kristi Macdonald, they have created a menu that caters to locals and tourists alike.

“We wanted the locals to feel like they had somewhere to go to,” Ms. Perrin said. “If you’re a seasonal guest or tourist, we’re happy you’re here and we’re going to let you know that. We’re also a neighborhood place, too.”

Bay Breeze Bistro serves a variety of burgers, wraps, sandwiches and salads for lunch. It also offers “Breeze Bites,” which are a variety of dishes, smaller than a dinner serving, but bigger than a snack.

Bites include dishes like fish tacos, grilled tuna and chicken wings made two ways; with a dry rub or in a tangy piquante sauce. Prices range from about $9 to $13.

“The wings are really popular, they’re very meaty,” Ms. Perrin said.

I decide to try the grilled tuna, which is served rare, with a sweet and spicy hoisin sauce drizzled over it and accompanied by vegetable slaw ($11). I follow that up with a serving of wings ($9).

The tuna is tender and the sweet and spicy hoisin sauce gives the dish an Asian flare. The wings are crispy on the outside and meaty on the inside. Served with blue cheese and celery sticks, the piquante sauce gives it a sweet, subtle kick.

Bay Breeze Bistro is located at 46 Front Street in South Jamesport. For more information call (631) 779-3454 or visit

chicken wings bay breeze bistro
Bay Breeze Bistro’s chicken wings in a tangy piquante sauce (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)


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