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A pint of Twin Fork Beer’s “Chromatic Ale” at CJ’s American Grill in Mattituck. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Riverhead could soon be home to yet another beer brewer and tasting room, as Twin Fork Beer Co. has submitted a preliminary site plan application to build a microbrewery in town.

The proposed location is on the west side of Raynor Avenue, south of the Collision Centers of Riverhead. Located in an industrially zoned area, the plan calls for a one-story brewery with nearly 12,000 square feet of space.

Twin Fork Beer is the creation of identical twin brothers Pete and Dan Chekijian, 44. Born in Riverhead, they are currently brewing their signature beer, “Chromatic Ale,” on a contract basis at another Riverhead brewery.

“We’re just really on step two out of probably 200,” Pete Chekijian said of their plans to become an independent brewery.

The idea, according to Chekijian, is to build a brand-new microbrewery with a tasting room on the Raynor Avenue site. Having patiently waited for two years to move on with their endeavor, the Chekijians are erring on the side of caution.

“We’re kind of holding back,” Chekijian said. “The town is very much in favor of microbreweries, but the old story is if something comes up, we’re just being a little quiet until we get the actual approval. Then we can start to unveil.”

If built, Twin Fork would join Riverhead’s roster of breweries, which includes Moustache Brewing Co., Long Ireland Beer Co. and Crooked Ladder Brewing Co.

Long Beard Brewing Co. also announced plans last year to build at the site of the former Second Street firehouse.

In the meantime, Twin Fork Beer isn’t letting a little thing like waiting to build a brewery get in the way of making good beer. Their Chromatic Ale, a malt-forward, not-too-hoppy American pale ale, is available at many local venues, including Vines and Hops, Digger’s Ales and Eats and Riverhead Beverage.

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