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A watermelon and feta salad made with locally grown ingredients. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Though the mercury would suggest otherwise, soon the kids will soon boarding school buses, autumn ales will be on tap and hordes of pumpkin pickers will descend on the East End.

One sure sign that this beautiful North Fork summer is winding down is the arrival of ripe, delicious watermelons at our local farm stands.

We recommend pairing this sweet, fleshy fruit with some salty feta cheese for a delectable summer salad.

I picked up this beautiful, juicy watermelon at Surrey Lane Vineyard Orchard Farm in Southold for $5. Find their adorable farm stand near Triangle Park on Main Road, which also makes for a good rest stop to enjoy some berries. I purchased the arugula from Farmer Mike’s farm stand in Cutchogue for just $1.50 and the feta cheese came from Agora the Little Greek Market on Pike Street in Mattituck for about $4.50.

A beautiful watermelon from Surrey Lane Vineyard Orchard farm in Southold. (Credit: Vera Chiense)
A beautiful watermelon from Surrey Lane Vineyard Orchard farm in Southold. (Credit: Vera Chiense)

The Greek market offers several different varieties of feta and I choose the French feta, which is somewhat mild. I will choose a saltier variety, however, next time.

Watermelon feta salads can either go dressingless, as suggested by my co-worker Maria Gennaro. Or you can drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar, which was suggested by another Times Review colleague, Lauren Sisson.

Garnish with some mint or basil from your own herb garden (or find the nearest U-snip joint).

Makes four servings


1/2 medium watermelon

1 bunch of argula

1/2 pound of feta


Olive oil

Balsamic vinegar




Cut up watermelon and remove seeds if necessary. Toss in large serving bowl with arugula and feta. Drizzle olive oil and vinegar if desired. Garnish with mint or basil (or both) if desired.