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Miriam Foster inside the Orient Country Store on Monday. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

At the Orient Country Store, you can get the “Beyoncé” of blueberry pies.

That means they are flawless.

Or so says New York Times cooking editor Sam Sifton — who was actually quoting a young girl talking about the pastry inside the Village Lane store — in a column on this sometimes difficult-to-tame dessert. Sifton, a part-time Greenport resident, called the Orient store’s blueberry pie, which is made by co-owner Miriam Foster, perfect.

A favorable writeup in the Times is usually a big boon for our local North Fork businesses — like the “excellent” rating given to North Fork Table and Inn earlier this summer — which sometimes report an uptick in customers after a piece runs.

So kudos to Foster and her husband, Grayson Murphy, who co-owns the store with her.

“It was pretty awesome,” Foster told us Monday morning. “We’re right at the top of the story and everything.”

You can read the full article here.

In other news from the eastern tip of the North Fork, Lavender By the Bay was included in a Country Living magazine roundup of the nation’s stunning lavender farms.

Lavender By the Bay, a family owned farm in East Marion, NY, has over 50,000 lavender plants, creating a dreamy view when they’re all in bloom,” the article states. The list includes lavender fields in Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

“They asked us for a picture of the farm late last week, but didn’t get into details about the content, so it was a bit of a surprise for us,” Susan Rozenbaum, owner of the East Marion farm said in an email. “We are thrilled to be recognized in this prestigious list. Thank you for your support throughout the years.”

You can read that story here.