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Love Lane Kitchen’d owner Carolyn Iannone with a bottle of Share the Love white wine blend (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Already known for using fresh, locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, Love Lane Kitchen has now released its first local wine.

Share the Love, a collaboration between Love Lane Kitchen’s owner Carolyn Iannone, a certified wine sommelier, and Brooklyn Oenology winemaker Alie Shaper, is a crisp, dry white wine blend.

“It happened quite quickly in July and here we are in August with it in our hands,” Iannone said. “Alie’s a really talented winemaker and a friend, and we’re always tossing ideas off each other. When I asked, ‘Can we have a wine?’ She said, ‘why not?’ “

Shaper began the process by asking Iannone what types of wines and grapes she liked, what were her favorite blends, etc. Using 2015 grapes, they began blending different samples together and tasting them.

“Obviously I wanted something that was food friendly,” Iannone said. “A clean, crisp white wine was what we started with.”

What they finally decided upon was a blend of chardonnay, pinot blanc and gewürztraminer.

“I love gewürztraminer, it’s one of my favorites,” Iannone said. “I love rieslings, I love those aromatic, stone fruits, like peach, nectarine, melon kinds of flavors.”

Share the Love is a floral and easy to drink wine that Iannone says is perfect for Love Lane Kitchen.

“It has layers of flavor, a long finish and is a testament to Alie’s winemaking skills,” Iannone said. “The blend is just right and it’s super food friendly, especially for the food we do, it just goes together.”

Named after the restaurant’s tagline, Iannone enlisted her publicist Jen Lew of North Fork Marketing & Design to help design the wine label, which along with the name and logo, includes a honeycomb pattern.

“The honeycomb pattern on the label is the restaurant floor,” Lew said.

Now that a white wine is out, could a red be far away?

 “We’ll see how it goes,” Iannone said. “I would love to do a red, maybe a rosé, which I love in summer.”

Share the Love is now being served by the glass and by the bottle at Love Lane Kitchen. The name of the wine is also a promise from Iannone, who plans to donate a portion of every glass of wine sold to various charities.

“We wouldn’t be able to do anything without one another, the community that we serve,” Iannone said. “For people walking in the door, knowing that they’re supporting a business that is connected to the community, I think that at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about, supporting each other.”

Love Lane Kitchen is located at 240 Love Lane in Mattituck. For more information call (631) 298-8989 or visit