Fork and Anchor is ‘What’s for lunch?’

The Fork and Anchor crispy chicken sandwich. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

The Fork and Anchor crispy chicken sandwich. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Earlier this week, I dropped by East Marion’s Fork and Anchor, which is hands down one of my favorite stops for grab-and-go sandwiches.

As usual, I opted for an email receipt. The proof of purchase was detailed: crispy chicken with Sriracha mayo on sourdough with lettuce, tomato and American cheese.

Our executive editor, Grant Parpan, who has been forwarded all my emails since before I embarked on 12 weeks of maternity leave in May (and who also happens to be my husband), received the receipt, too. His response consisted of just one word:


It wasn’t because he was accusing me of slacking off on the clock or chiding me for indulging in a high-calorie lunch option — he was just way, way jealous.

Two years ago, when we ranked the North Fork’s best egg sandwiches, “The Fork and Anchor” breakfast option came in at number three. If we were to redo the list today, I’m pretty sure that sammy — made with bacon, lettuce, tomato, a fried egg and Fork and Anchor’s delightful basil mayo — would come in at number one. The East Marion eatery offers a variety of delicious lunch and breakfast options made a cut above what you would expect at a typical deli. Their green goddess chicken salad sandwich, made with a fresh blend of mayo and herbs, is another personal favorite.

The only reason we don’t eat there every week is because it’s in East Marion — a bit of a jaunt for those of us who work on the western end of Southold Town.

On a recent visit, I chose the Crispy Chicken. As I mentioned, the sandwich is served with Sriracha mayo on your choice of bread for $8. Lettuce, tomato and cheese are optional add-ons. Farm-fresh tomatoes grown at Deep Roots Farm in Southold are a highlight of the sandwich. So is the hand-breaded chicken covered in a coating made from leftover bread.

Fork and Anchor also offers picnic boxes to go (two specialty sandwiches; two Boylan sodas, iced tea or water; two bags of North Fork Potato Chips; one large salad or two small ones; and two packages of Tate’s cookies for $45), which are great for enjoying at the beach or Greenport’s Mitchell Park.

The deli is also a general store with groceries and artisanal specialty items, like Backyard Brine pickles and their own line of jarred goods.

Find Fork and Anchor at 8955 Main Road in East Marion.

Vera Chinese