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Glover Perennials received a nice plug last month from none other than Martha Stewart, who raved about the strawberry patch she started in her garden with plants purchased from the Cutchogue wholesaler. 

Last May, Stewart took a trip to Glover Perennials where she bought a few different varieties of strawberry plants. On June 9,  she wrote about it on her blog.

“I love these first fruits of summer — homegrown strawberries are so tasty,” she wrote. “Strawberries are also among the easiest berries to grow. They are cold-hardy and adaptable, and can be planted in both garden beds and containers. Last year, we created a large strawberry patch in one area of the farm. All the plants came from Glover Perennials in Cutchogue, New York.”

Stewart has actually visited Glover Perennials just about each year since the early 2000s, when owner James Glover appeared on four episodes of her show.

“Every year that she makes her pilgrimage, she buys different types of plants that spark her particular interest for that year,” Glover said. “This year, she came out here on June 18 and purchased a wide variety of sun and shade perennials including lavenders, ferns, salvias and more for her Bedford estate.”

The strawberry varieties Stewart mentioned on her blog included a unique variety known as Alpine strawberries, which are smaller and have an intense flavor and aroma.

“Nobody is better at promoting plants to the gardening public than Martha Stewart,” Glover said. “We are honored that she comes to us for her plant needs.”

Glover Perennials sells wholesale only. The company’s plants can be purchased locally at Agway in Southold, Clarke’s Garden in Greenport and Peconic River Herb Farm in Calverton.