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Industry Standard in Greenport. (Credit: Facebook)

If you ask any of my friends from Long Island, I am the least “Manhattan” or “Brooklyn hipster” in our group.  While a majority of them fled the island after college to move into a brownstone in Williamsburg or a three-bedroom converted studio on the Upper East Side, I decided to settle in Connecticut after college.

I think I’m just too soft for the city.  I get lost trying to find my way out of Penn Station, and when I finally make it above ground, I spend most of the time apologizing to each person I bump into on the street. But this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the Brooklyn scene, which is why in some respects it bums me out that I’ve only been to the city once in the past year.

So imagine my surprise the first time I walked into Industry Standard, which encompasses many of the “hip” aspects that the bars in contemporary Brooklyn have become renowned for but in the comfort of Greenport. 

Right off the bat, the decor and ambiance of Industry Standard appealed to me. It is rustic, clean-cut, chalkboard-clad and has taps lined along the bar. I felt instantly relaxed as I walked through the door, which the bartender, who goes simply by “The Beverage Slayer,” informed me is by design. She told me the vibe is supposed to be low key, “a cool place where people can come and have cool drinks.”

Industry Standard does just that. It certainly is “cool,” with over twenty draught beers and creative cocktails using everything from gin to tequila and a white wine sangria with vodka that would make anyone’s cares wash away on a Friday evening. I couldn’t help but to be drawn in to the wine list that offered four different types of white wine for $8 a glass. Try finding that in Brooklyn.

What was even more appealing than the drink selection was the food. I have yet to find such an eclectic menu in a small, low-key establishment like Industry Standard. The menu varies from unique appetizers like roasted marrow bones and warm burrata, to delicious main meals such as Cheesesteak, Southern Fried Chicken, Roasted Duroc Pork Chop, Tuna Burger and the famous “The Burger.” I say “famous” because the two gentlemen next to me made a special trip down to the bar for it.

“We were told that we could find a $5 burger, and wanted to check it out,” said the frenchmen sitting next to me, who were staying with a host family during their time on the North Fork. They did not seem disappointed as I watched them enjoy the burger topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, a pickle and American cheese. Again, try finding that for only $5 in Brooklyn.

The bar has been serving these delectable dishes for dinner since opening in November, but as of June Industry Standard is now open for both lunch and dinner all week long.

“The Beverage Slayer” told me the goal was to open a bar “that honors Greenport, in that it is a town bar, but is also a level up.”  With a small staff that includes Chef Greg Ling in the kitchen, this establishment is close-knit, and offers a lot to patrons looking to relax, enjoy creative drinks and upscale food.

If you’re looking for a hip evening out, check out Industry Standard Bar located at 45 Front Street, Greenport.

The author is a Connecticut school teacher spending summer break in Peconic for the first time and blogging about it on Check out her other stops along the way:

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