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Fried chicken pho with rice, noodles, and sprouts (Credit: Industry Standard restaurant)

Fried chicken pho with rice, noodles, and sprouts (Credit: Industry Standard restaurant)

There’s a secret at Industry Standard restaurant in Greenport these days … a secret menu that is. 

The restaurant is offering limited-availability dishes off its menu that are only occasionally available.

The way to find and order these dishes is to visit the restaurant’s address on Instagram @industrystandardkitchen.

“There really wasn’t a plan for it,” chef Greg Ling admitted. “When my bartender, Charmaine Strange, and I worked at the Riverhead Project, I used to cook for us and we used to say we should sell this stuff, but it might be too weird to put on a menu.”

Some of the dishes are made from items the restaurant may have a limited supply of and not enough to offer on the regular menu, so they put it on the secret menu as a limited edition dish. Other times it’s when the kitchen has, as Ling likes to say, “something interesting” to serve.

“This week we made fois gras garnachas,” Ling said. “It’s a Guatemalan-style tostada, like a thick tortilla.”

Ling likens the secret menu to what they do for visiting chefs.

“If a chef comes in and I send them something that’s off the menu, it’s kind of like that,” he said. “When Taylor Knapp comes in from PawPaw Pop-up dinners, I like to send him stuff that’s not on the menu, that other guests can’t get.”

But the whole point of the secret menu is not so much exclusivity.

“It’s a communal or community thing,” Ling said. “It’s something to have fun with.”

Other secret menu dishes have included fried chicken pho, oysters Gregafella and fried chicken wings with waffles.

Located at 45 Front Street in Greenport, Industry Standard is currently open Saturday and Sunday, noon to 9.m. On June 15 they will be open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner. For more information call (631) 333-2500 or visit