North Fork Hen House Tour in Southold, Riverhead this Saturday

Photo credit: Katharine Schroeder

North Fork Hen Tour in 2013. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Cornell University has scheduled a self-guided tour of 15 North Fork hen houses for Saturday, June 25, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“Since the recession began in 2008, the interest in raising backyard chickens for fresh eggs has exploded,” said Dr. Mark Bridgen, professor and director at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center. “The purpose of this Hen House Tour is to raise awareness of backyard poultry and to share enthusiasm for raising chickens, ducks, and poultry.”

In Riverhead, some of the stops include a supplier of baby chicks, a farm organically raising chickens, and families who raise chickens for the fresh eggs. In Southold, you’ll visit a couple bed and breakfasts, a homeowner who has built a hen house, and family farms.

Visitors can pick up their maps that give directions to each hen house at Cornell University’s Long Island Horticultural Research & Extension Center at 3059 Sound Ave. in Riverhead or at 1700 North Parish Dr. in Southold.

There will be a $10 fee per vehicle to obtain a map which will help pay for the printing of maps and advertising costs.

For more information, call (631) 727-3595 or email