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A festival celebrating the dandelion is coming to KK’s The Farm in Southold. (Credit:

Don’t spray those bright yellow flowers popping up all over your lawn with synthetic pesticides. Instead, embrace the dandelion for its beauty, medicinal qualities and as a calcium-rich addition to a salad.

That’s the message behind the first Dandelion Festival set to take place at KK’s The Farm in Southold from 1 p.m. to 4 pm. on April 24.

“The basic idea is to extol the virtues of the dandelion as a plant,” said farm owner and event organizer Ira Haspel. “We want people to appreciate the dandelion.”

Haspel noted the deep tap roots allows dandelions to pull up nutrients like calcium from further down in the soil, among its many benefits.

The antioxidant and vitamin rich dandelion, used in teas and even to make wine, has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Some studies have even shown the plant can help fight cancer.

Expect face painting, an educational treasure hunt for children, dandelion ice cream and informational talks at the event, which is free to attend.

Dandelion-themed attire is also encouraged.

“It is also a spring celebration,” Haspel said.

KK’s The Farm is located at 59945 Main Road in Southold. For more information call 765-2075 or visit