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The Soundview Restaurant is now back open for business (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)
The Soundview Restaurant is back open for business (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Greenport’s Soundview Restaurant and Inn reopened its doors for business on Wednesday, kicking off the season with its annual East End Lions Club St. Patrick’s Day dinner.

It’s a sign that not much has changed at the restaurant after the business was purchased by new owners this winter.

The family-run, Greenport institution was sold by members of the Levin family to Eagle Point Hotel Partners LLC in early January of this year.

Many familiar faces remain at the restaurant as most of the original staff was hired back, while the restaurant’s familiar menu will also remain the same, for now.

“There may be some changes to the menu in the summer, but right now we’re going to be Soundview as we have been for years,” manager Michelle Hamilton told northforker on Thursday. “Then down the road we’ll move into something else.”

The waterfront eatery is offering several specials in its first few weeks. Starting today, March 18, Soundview will offer a burger and beer special for $12.50 on Fridays. And on Easter Sunday, March 27, the restaurant is offering a full dinner menu as well as a $35.50 price fixe. Check out for the menu.

It is also offering a chicken dinner to benefit the Stirling Historical Society on Thursday, March 24. Tickets are $20 and are available at the door. Call Gail Horton at (631) 456-9044 or email [email protected] for more info.

Sisters Rachel Levin Murphy and Ellen Levin Wiederlight announced the sale on their Facebook page in January. The two had run the establishment ever since the passing of their father, Jack Levin, the original owner, in 2014.

“Circumstances change, family needs change, and we have found it necessary to make this change at this time,” they wrote.

For now there are no plans for reconstruction as Eagle Point Hotel Partners keeps things status quo.

“At least for 2016, we are going to operate it as it is,” Eagle Point Hotel Partners co-founder Erik Warner told The Suffolk Times earlier this year.  “With upgrades in areas like bedding, pool furniture, etc.”

With the Soundview Restaurant and Inn now in the hands of Eagle Point’s management company, Filement Hospitality, the plan is to better understand Soundview’s role in the community before making changes.

“The experience we have over the next year will help us to understand what direction we should go with the property,” Warner said. “The macro plan is to embrace and enhance what we purchased …not to do too much to take it too far from what it is today.”

The Soundview Restaurant will begin serving its full menu on Friday, March 18. It is located at 58775 Route 48 in Greenport. For reservations call (631) 477-0666 or visit