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Juice to Table’s juices are dated with the time of day they are juiced for maximim freshness (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)

Editor’s Note: Soon after this story was published, the owner notified us saying that she ended up not signing the lease at the below location. The store is no longer expected to open in Wading River. 

Fresh-squeezed juices are coming to Wading River.

Like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle, “Juice to Table” is moving into the last empty space on Sound Road in Wading River’s historic business district. With restaurants like North Fork Bacon & Smokehouse, Mesquite Tex-Mex and My Creperie already nearby, and coffee shop Hudson Market and Mexican restaurant Fiesta Mexicana on the way, the area is shaping up to be a foodie destination.

Juice to Table owner Melissa McGrath of Wading River signed a lease for the new storefront, which is located adjacent to the future Hudson Market, last week.

Juice to Table will make cold-pressed fresh juices to order. Made in small batches, the brews will be available for sale in the store and can also be delivered to homes on a subscription basis.

“It’s been months of testing,” McGrath said. “We’ve purchased so much produce just to tweak the recipes.”

McGrath cold-presses her juices, which gently extracts the vitamins, minerals and enzymes with the least amount of oxidation.

“Because there’s no heat, the juice lasts 72 hours. If I make it on a Monday morning, you’ll have juice until Thursday morning,” she said.

The drinks are not pasteurized because if they were heated that would defeat the whole process of being cold-pressed, McGrath said. She aims to use as many natural ingredients as possible, and buys mostly local produce.

“I try to be as organic as possible,” she said. “Sometimes things are not in season, like when I use pineapple. But it’s fresh on my part.”

Personal health issues are what initially got McGrath interested in juicing several years ago.

“The doctor found pre-cancerous cells on my cervix, so I started eating healthier and juicing,” she said. “I’m not sure if that did anything, but as a whole I became a healthier person and the doctor says I’m now OK.”

As McGrath’s juicing became more extensive, she and her husband developed their own favorite recipes. That’s when McGrath decided to create her own juicing delivery business, along with a  store where people could also grab and go.

Subscriptions for Juice to Table start at four bottles delivered once a week, or 16 bottles a month, for $120. There will also be 32-bottle and 48-bottle deliveries on a monthly basis. Single bottles sold online will cost $7.50, but McGrath hopes to lower that price to $6 in the store.

Currently, juices include unnamed concoctions like Greens 1, which has a sweet cucumber flavor seasoned with a dash of sea salt. That drink has seven ingredients: apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon, parsley, spinach and sea salt.

Greens 2 is similar in appearance, but has a tropical pineapple flavor. Breakfast 2 is apple juice, but a single lemon cuts the sweetness, giving the drink a light, refreshing flavor.

McGrath plans to make her shop kid-friendly with free WiFi.

“Based on the feedback that I’ve gotten from social media, moms are asking me, ‘Can you please have something for stay-at-home moms?’ ‘” she said. “They are asking for a few chairs that toddlers can sit in, and coloring books. Everyone seems excited.”

McGrath plans to have Juice to Table open by April and hopes to begin juicing at the Calverton Business Incubator by the end of March.

The new store is located at 4 Sound Road in Wading River. For more information, visit

Melissa McGrath is the creator of "Juice to Table" (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)
Melissa McGrath is the creator of “Juice to Table.” (Credit: Monique Singh-Roy)