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A bottle of 2014 Bridge Lane Chardonnay . (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

I don’t always agree with wine scribes who write long pieces about “demystifying” wine.

There is something romantic about wine if you want it to be, but it’s not there inherently. Certainly not when we’re talking about industrial wines.

At the same time, I do understand that wine – or at least the way that it’s marketed or sold – can be intimidating for some people. I get caught up in the romanticism myself from time to time.

But remember, not every wine we drink needs to be esoteric or complicated. Wine needn’t always be something you spend time dissecting or pondering. Maybe you never do these things – and that’s a-OK.

At the end of the day, wine need only be delicious and satisfying on some level.

Lieb Cellars 2014 Bridge Lane Chardonnay is both of those things.

Made entirely in stainless steel (so no oak), it’s not complex or layered, but it offers bright, fresh lemon-lime fruitiness, juicy acidity and a subtle saline edge on the finish. This is the kind of wine that you want to have around as the weather warms and you need a bottle to gulp at a picnic, at the beach or poolside.

And, because it’s sold in standard 750ml bottles (closed with a screw cap), in 3L boxes (the equivalent of four bottles) as well as single-use, recyclable plastic kegs (the same amount of wine as 26 bottles) it’s a good-to-great value depending on what you buy.

At $40, the boxes – and you’ll often find one in my fridge in the summer — net out to $10 per bottle. You won’t find a better local white wine for the money. Except maybe the Bridge Lane White Blend, which is available for the same price.

This wine is available for $16 per bottle, $40 per box and $240 per keg.

Lenn Thompson