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Earl Fultz and his late wife, Gloria. (Credit: Carrie Miller, file photo)

Earl Fultz, the 92-year-old entrepreneur behind the Moroccan-inspired spice cHarissa, makes an appearance in the February issue of Glamour magazine. So does his late wife, Gloria, via a photo courtesy of The Suffolk Times.

Glamour’s editor-in-chief, Cindi Leive, whose mother is cousins with Gloria, contacted the Greenport resident to get his take on love and Valentine’s Day.

His thoughts on Feb. 14?

“We never made a big deal of it,” Fultz said of him and his wife of 50 years. “We didn’t have to go around saying ‘Love ya!’ I don’t really trust words: Anyone can say something, but it takes a real commitment to be it, not just talk about it. And that was our relationship.”

Read the full Glamour piece here.

When the couple was in their 80s, they decided to take Gloria’s Morrican-inspired recipe for a spice they called cHarissa and turn it into a business. Gloria passed away following complications from emphysema in October 2013.

In the four years since Fultz launched the company, cHarissa has won several awards and is now served at Yankee Stadium. Fultz was also recently the subject of a CBS News piece.