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Moustache Brewery Co. owners Matt and Lauri Spitz at their ‘Dexterity Issues: A Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser’ on Thursday. (Credit: Jen Nuzzo photos)

For Moustache Brewery Co. owners, husband-and-wife team Lauri and Matt Spitz, raising money for Multiple Sclerosis is a cause that hits close to home.

That’s because Mr. Spitz was diagnosed with the illness, a central nervous system disease that disrupts the flow of information from the brain, two years ago — just as the couple was getting the fledgling business off the ground.

On Thursday, Jan. 14, they hosted “Dexterity Issues: A Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser” at the Riverhead brewery and raised $2,170 for MS research.

That night, Moustache Brewing Co. also released Dexterity Issues, a new special double IPA brew just for the event. In addition, 19 small businesses donated raffle prizes.

The event was held at the brewery’s tasting room at 400 Hallett Avenue and 100 percent of all beer sales were donated to the National MS Society, which support programs for people with MS and their families and raises funding for research.





Ms. Spitz said she’s been paying particularly close attention to the development of new drugs designed to rebuild the myelin sheath around the nerves in the brain.

Next month, on Feb. 28, both Mr. and Ms. Spitz plan to race up the 66 flights of stairs at 30 Rockefeller Plaza with the goal of raising $10,000 for the National MS Society. Times Review editor Jen Nuzzo plans to join them and wrote about that event here.

“Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that damages the nerves in the brain causing interruptions in the brain’s communication with the body, it sucks,” Mr. Spitz posted in a Facebook post. “Common problems range from trouble walking, clumsiness, blurred or double vision, slurred speech, exhaustion, cognitive impairment (sounds a lot like being drunk all the time), numbness and tingling, pain and stiffness, spasticity, becoming blind, paralysis… Pretty much, if the brain controls it, it may be affected. I was diagnosed with MS over two years ago and I really want someone to find a cure.”

There are several ways to help:

• Raise a pint or two of Dexterity Issues, which is still on tap as of Friday. One hundred percent of all the sales will be donated to the National MS Society.

• Join Lauri & Matthew next month at 30 Rockefeller Plaza for the 2016 MS Climb to the Top. To become part of their team, click here.

• Make a donation by going directly to their fundraising page.

For more information about the MS Climb to the Top, visit

In other Moustache news, the brewery has launched a new beer club, the Moustache Brewing Co. Society for Fine Liquid Provisions. Membership dues will help raise much needed funds to make upgrades to the brewery.

“We’re running out of tank space again,” Ms. Spitz said. “The club is kind of the same concept as a lot of CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture programs) where people invest for that coming year to help the farm.”

The $199 membership includes monthly growler fills, a free birthday pint, $1 off all other growler fills and much more.

“We’re also going to do exclusive bottle releases that will only be available for members, which people really seem to love,” Ms. Spitz said. “We’re already about 60 percent sold out, so I definitely think it will sell out.”

For more information, visit