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If you’ve driven down Route 48 in Mattituck lately, chances are you’ve seen the above sight and wondered what the heck is going on over there.

No, it’s a not a telephone pole farm.

This property owned by a famous cheese-making family — which became a site for the illegal dumping of yard waste — is now being reincarnated as a hops farm. 

The 19.7-acre site on the north side of Route 48 has been the source of many questions from residents and officials who have noticed the large poles erected on the site and wonder what is going on, our Tim Gannon reported in the Jan. 14 edition of The Suffolk Times.

The land is currently owned by the Ruth Pollio Revocable Trust (yes, the founders of Polly-O string cheese), but it’s in contract to be sold. 

A real estate broker for the site said the new owners do not wish to be interviewed until the sale is completed later this month, though he did confirm the land is planned for a hops farm. He did not identify the buyer. 

You can read the full report (and learn how the North Fork’s craft beer makers plans to use this ingredient) on the Suffolk Times’ website.

Photo: The sudden build-out of wooden poles used for hops farming has led many in the community to wonder exactly what is planned for this farm on Route 48 in Mattituck.(Credit: Chris Lisinski)