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Earl Fultz and his late wife, Gloria, who created the Moroccan-influenced food seasoning cHarissa. (Credit: Carrie Miller)

Our favorite North Fork spice maker, 92-year-old Earl Fultz, was featured on a recent CBS 2 news segment.

Fultz, who promised his late wife, Gloria, that he would take her family recipe for the condiment cHarissa and turn it into a household brand, was featured in a segment that aired Jan. 6.

“What she wanted to happen was to fill the void, find something meaningful to do with your life other than practice shuffleboard,” Fultz told CBS 2 reporter Carolyn Gusoff. “I do choke up sometimes talking about her.”

In the four years since Fultz launched the company, cHarissa has won several awards and is now served at Yankee Stadium.

Gusoff also interviewed Jeri Woodhouse from A Taste of the North Fork, the commercial kitchen in Cutchogue where Fultz makes the spice.

“Earl proves you’re never to old to follow your dream,” said Woodhouse, who is also vice president of cHarissa. “To me, every day when he looks at that jar he thinks of Gloria.”

Also of note in the segment: Fultz plans to offer single serving-size portions of the condiment and also recently acquired a machine that will increase his output from 200 jars per day to 6,000 jars per day.

See the full report here.