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Today, Wednesday, October 21 is “Back to the Future” day.

That means it is the official day and year that Marty McFly and Doc Brown went into the future in the second film of the popular franchise.

To celebrate the event, Moustache Brewing Company in Riverhead will host “Marty McFly Day” on October 21, beginning at 6:30 p.m. with costumes, food trucks, a new beer and a special surprise guest (more on that later).

“Right after the holidays, we had a staff party and it came up,” explained Moustache Brewing Company co-owner Lauri Spitz. “We were like this is the year! This is the year that he comes back to the future, this is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity, so we knew we had to do something for it.”

Fans of the film are invited to come to the brewery dressed in their favorite “Back to the Future” costume, enjoy goodies from the Eat Me, Drink Me Food Truck and sample a new brew.

“We brewed a Double IPA, it’s about 10.2 percent (alcohol by volume) called Mr. Fusion,” Ms. Spitz said. “Mr. Fusion was the thing that they used to power the car with, it was like a garbage disposal that turned food scraps into energy. So with the Mr. Fusion beer we had a bunch of random little bits of this hops, a little bit of that grain, we just kind of put it all in and we’ll tap that [today].”

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On its Facebook page, Moustache Brewing Company described the new beer as a “big double IPA with an intense bitterness that won’t quit and the aroma of tropical fruit. It’s the beer of the future.”

And that surprise guest that has been rumored to make an appearance on Wednesday will be a certain space-age car that appeared prominently in the film.

“We have a Delorean coming,” Ms. Spitz confirmed excitedly. “We didn’t know it was definite until yesterday, because the guy who owns the car has jury duty in Riverhead on Wednesday. He’s taking it to jury duty and then he’s coming to the brewery right after.”

So today is the day to go back in time and then back to the future. Moustache Brewing Company encourages everyone to dress up in either white lab coats, red puffer vests, or any “Back to the Future” style clothing.

Moustache Brewing Company is located at 400 Hallet Avenue in Riverhead. For more information please visit