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Last Sunday, the Southold coffee shop began offering the “Dirty Pumpkin,” a latte made with warming autumnal spices, chai tea, espresso, and, of course, a certain orange squash. The drink will be available through November to commemorate the season.

“We just want to be festive,” said general manager Bri Mutell.

Every morning, employees simmer a mixture of loose-leaf chai tea, cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, honey, maple syrup and organic pumpkin puree to form the basis for the drink.

“It’s like a cauldron,” said owner Jennilee Morris.

Since that part of the drink is prepared every morning, it’s possible the shop will run out by the afternoon.

Once someone orders the “Dirty Pumpkin,” the aforementioned mix is combined with steamed milk and milk foam. The “dirty” version includes a shot of espresso, but it’s also available with just the tea mix and milk.

Servers grind fresh cinnamon and nutmeg on top for zest and an extra cinnamon stick goes into each mug.

The pumpkin flavor is subtle — a refreshing change from the inundation of over-flavored pumpkin everything — and the mix of chai tea and spices adds warmth and nuttiness. In the dirty version, the espresso gives a robust, dark finish to the taste.

“It’s been really popular,” Mutell said. “People have been coming in all week to check it out.”

A normal pumpkin latte costs $3.75;  the dirty version costs $4.75.

North Fork Roasting Co. is located at 55795 Main Road in Southold.

Top photo: The Dirty Pumpkin at North Fork Roasting Co. (Credit: Chris Lisinski)