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A bottle of McCall Wines 2014 Cuvée Nicola Sauvignon Blanc. (Credit: Lenn Thompson)

We’re a few days beyond the unofficial end of summer, but apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. It’s blazing hot again today and a quick look at the forecast for the next week shows upcoming temperatures in the 80s.

Summer isn’t over, people. Don’t forget that.

The crisp white wines are still very much flowing at my house and McCall Wines 2014 Cuvée Nicola Sauvignon Blanc has found its way into the rotation. Many 2014 North Fork sauvignon blancs have, actually.

When you first crack the McCall open — it’s closed with a screwcap, which is decidedly no longer for cheap, mass-produced wines — the nose is a bit timid. But just a few moments later all of the bright fruit character you expect — melon and lemon oil — are joined by faintly tropical notes and hints of fresh-cut grass.

The bright, dry palate is a bit more giving, with more lemon and grapefruit, but also more tropical character coming through as passion fruit. The fruit flavors are concentrated and taste almost sweet, but juicy acidity brings proper balance and the finish lingers with a lemon-lime note and just a few blades of grass.

Because we’re smack dab in the middle of Long Island tomato season, my wife and I have been eating various iterations on tomato salad almost every night. The classic is simply tomatoes, some good olive oil, some good-quality salt and some torn basil from our little herb garden. The acidity of this wine holds up to the tomatoes and cuts through the olive oil, while the subtle herbaceous quality complements the basil nicely.

McCall Wines 2014 Cuvée Nicola Sauvignon Blanc is available for $24 at the winery’s Cutchogue tasting room. You can also find it at local wine shops and restaurants.