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The Pig N’ Fig from the Cheese Emporium by Bruce and Son. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

One of the best brunch spots in Greenport can be found at Main Street’s The Cheese Emporium by Bruce and Son.

And while this charming eatery might be better known for its breakfast items like eggs benedict and french toast, it also makes for a solid mid-day meal.

On a recent visit I found myself torn between two menu items — the Pig N’ Fig and the Lil Forager. The first pressed sandwich is prosciutto di parma, comte, pepper fig jam and arugula pesto ($13). The latter includes fungi from East End Mushroom Co., roasted shallot, truffle chèvre and greens ($14).

Both sounded delicious (and both are served with North Fork Potato Chips and a pickle).

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My server agreed that it was a tough choice, but ultimately nudged me toward to former option. I am told it is one of their most popular items.

I admit that I didn’t know what a tasty compliment figs can be to a meal until I tried the fig cake at Petulant Wino in Aquebogue. My new love of fig was only strengthened after sampling the fig pie at Grana and Jamesport and a fig cake from the Village Cheese Shop paired with the store’s cheeses.

Now when I see that three letter word on a menu it immediately catches my attention.

For me, the sweet taste of fig was the dominate flavor in most bites, but the saltiness of the prosciutto provided a nice balance. It was so good that I found myself taking additional bites even after I was full. The taste of the arugula pesto wasn’t very strong, but added a nice freshness and texture to the pressed sandwich.

Another highlight of dining at the Cheese Emporium in summer is sitting outside and watching what passes as hustle and bustle in Greenport. The village is at its most lively at this time of year and the restaurant provides a front-row seat.

Vera Chinese


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