Yogi Elena Brower to teach a class at North Fork Yoga Shala

Credit: Elenabrower.com

Credit: Elenabrower.com

Well-known New York City author, yoga teacher and instructor trainer Elena Brower will hold a practice on the North Fork this Labor Day weekend.

Brower will teach a class at North Fork Yoga Shala in Greenport on Sunday, Sept. 6 from 10 a.m. until noon.

“This is a huge honor to have Elena coming to teach,” North Fork Yoga Shala owner Claire Copersino said in an email. “She is someone I’ve looked up to for years, I just have huge respect for what she puts out there and how many lives she touches around the world. Her immensely positive impact is very broad and deep. She is completely approachable, super grounded and such a light for so many. I’m amazed this is happening.”

The class will include asana, breathwork, meditation and a moment to restore, Copersino said.

“Expect a thoughtful, gently challenging sequence to enhance your internal buoyancy and help you feel whole and ready for fall,” reads a North Fork Yoga Shala email blast advertising the event.

North Fork Yoga Shala is located at 430 Main Street (second floor) in Greenport.

For more information on Brower, visit ElenaBrower.com.