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Maryann Krupski shows off a container full of artichokes. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

At long last, the Artichokes are here!

Farmers Gene and Maryann Krupski of MarGene Farms in Mattituck planted the seeds for the green and purple globe artichokes in the master bathroom of their home back in January.

They were then transplanted to a high tunnel greenhouse on the 56-acre certified organic farm and fertilized for two weeks to encourage them to bud before planting in the ground.

They couple began to harvest the 300 plants last week and are selling them to Long Island restaurants and customers at farmers markets in Southold, Greenport and Babylon. Each plant produces eight to 10 globes and will continue to do so until September.

“It takes a lot of care to get them to this point,” Mr. Krupski said. “I use organic fertilizer and you constantly have to feed them, they require a lot of food.”

The Food Network sent a crew out to film them recently so be on the lookout for a segment on MarGene Farm’s artichokes. Mr. Krupski believes he is the only farmer growing them on Long Island.