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Beasley of Coffee Pot Cellars. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Whether you find them lounging in a sunny spot in the tasting room, sniffing along the barrel racks in the winery or running through the vines, many dogs call the North Fork’s vineyards their home. Some pooches, like Remi at Macari Vineyards, keep their owners company while blending wines like the tasty Dos Aquas red and white. Others, like Beasley at Coffee Pot Cellars, even have a wine named after them.

Either way, these pups have become just another reason to love Long Island Wine Country.

Here are some of our favorites.

Coffee Pot Cellars, Cutchogue

Name: Beasley
Breed: Pug
Age: 7

“If he were a wine drinker, we figured he would like red wine — an everyday red that goes well with burgers, pizza and ribs. So, we released a Coffee Pot Cellars merlot/cabernet franc blend named Beasley’s Blend on Memorial Day.” — winery co-owner Laura Klahre

Sargent. (Credit: Croteaux courtesy photo)
Sargent. (Credit: Croteaux courtesy photo)

Croteaux Vineyards, Southold

Name: Sargent
Breed: Terrier
Age: 10

“He is the dog everybody loves. He is a big part of the experience here.” — winery co-owner Paula Croteau

Cici. (Credit: Kendall Stark)
Cici. (Credit: Kendall Stark)

Duck Walk North/Pindar, Southold and Peconic

Name: CiCi
Breed: German shepherd
Age: 4

“I grew up with German shepherds; they’re a very intelligent and loyal breed. CiCi has been wonderful with my young daughter; she’s part of the family. I bring her to work every day; she’s very well behaved. On the weekends at Duck Walk, I’ll have her behind the register with me. We’re dog-friendly, so other people are able to bring their dogs as well.” — winery co-owner Alex Damianos

Jersey. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
Jersey. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Lieb Cellars, Cutchogue

Name: Jersey
Breed: Golden retriever owned by general manager Ami Opisso
Age: 7

“Pups don’t come better than Jersey. She’s a lazy, happy, loving girl who spends her days at the vineyard chomping on old grape vines, lounging under my desk and waiting for the FedEx and UPS drivers (who ALL know her) to stop by and give her treats. She never barks but instead greets guests with a full butt wiggle and by burying her head between their knees. Once you meet her you’ll understand why she’s our most popular staff member.” — Ami Opisso

Remy. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
Remy. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Macari Vineyards, Mattituck

Name: Remi
Breed: Yellow Lab
Age: 4

“She pretty much comes with me every day and hangs out in the winery. She loves playing fetch, but she also sleeps a lot. She’s pretty mellow.”
— winemaker Kelly Urbanik Koch

Toby. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
Toby. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

Martha Clara Vineyards, Riverhead

Name: Toby, owned by event manager Kelli Tuthill
Breed: Belgian shepherd
Age: 6

Martha Clara hosts an event called “Vines and Canines” vineyard walk, at which winemaker Juan Micieli-Martinez leads a tour of the vineyard, often with his dog, Satchmo, in tow.

(Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)
Logan and Indy (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch)

The Lenz Winery, Peconic

Names: Logan and Indy
Breeds: Whippet and Manchester terrier
Ages: 8 and 7, respectively

Both dogs are retired from the California show dog circuit.

Dilly (Credit: Kendall Stark)
Dilly (Credit: Kendall Stark)

The Old Field Vineyards, Southold

Name: Dilly (aka Dilly Dally)
Breed: Pit bull mix
Age: 7 months; adopted from Southold Animal Shelter

“She is a very sweet girl. She is wonderful in the tasting room. She loves people and it’s exciting for her to be there.” — co-owner Ros Baiz

Bennett and Smooch. (Credit: Vera Chinese)
Bennett and Smooch. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Raphael, Peconic

Names: Winemaker Anthony Nappa has two rescue dogs, Beckett and Smooch. Both are at Raphael with Anthony every day. They also make regular appearances at his own tasting room, The Winemaker Studio in Peconic.
Breeds: Beckett is an 8-year-old purebred boxer who was rescued from Southold Animal Shelter. Smooch is a 3- or 4-year-old German shorthair pointer/Lab/pit bull/hound mix that was adopted through Last Chance.

“Beckett is pretty playful and energetic. She is social and runs really hard in the vineyard. [Smooch] is a love. She’s timid but she’ll warm up to people. She’s a great tracker and is good at catching things in the vineyard, like rabbits.” — Anthony Nappa

Maggie. (Credit: Kendall Stark)
Maggie. (Credit: Kendall Stark)

Sannino Bella Vita Vineyard, Peconic

Name: Magnum (like the large bottle of wine), aka Maggie. She mainly hangs out at the Sanninos’ Cutchogue B&B.
Breed: Bernese mountain dog
Age: 5

“She thinks she’s a lap dog. All of the guests at the B&B always comment about how great Maggie is in the guest book. Some people come just to see her.” — co-owner Anthony Sannino

Panda. (Credit: Vera Chinese)
Panda. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Shinn Estate Vineyards, Mattituck

Name: Panda
Breed: Border collie
Age: 7 months

“She runs the tasting room. She’s a herding dog. She meets and she greets and she herds people at the end of their experience [all the way] to the cash register.” — co-owner David Page

This story originally appeared in the summer 2015 edition of the Long Island Wine Press