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McCall Wines

McCall Wines in Cutchogue. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

McCall Wines

Best known for their award-winning pinot noirs and merlots, McCall Wines is increasingly known for another delicious passion of its owners — beef cattle ranching.

The Cutchogue winery has been raising Charolais cattle for several years now under its McCall Ranch label.

The first harvest of this year’s dry aged steaks, roasts and ground beef went on sale at McCall’s tasting room on Friday, June 5.

That’s not the only place you’ll find McCall beef these days. McCall steaks and ground beef are also served at the North Fork Table and Inn, as well as the North Fork Food Truck.

“We are very happy with the product,” said Brewster McCall, whose family owns the vineyard. “We are now expanding the herd and will soon be growing more alfalfa.”

Charolais is a breed of cattle that is originally from the area surrounding Charolles, Burgundy in France. Hailed by continental chefs as some of the finest beef, Charolais beef is served in restaurants worldwide.

McCall has been raising their own herd of pure-bred Charolais using only organic and natural practices on the 100 acre farm. No antibiotics, steroids or hormones are given to the animals. The cattle are only fed grass, which is considered the most natural and healthy diet for beef cattle. Grass-fed beef is much in demand these days, offering consumers a healthier, more animal friendly alternative to grain-fed cows.

Butchered and dry-aged for 21 days, McCall only harvests a small number of their cows in spring, summer and early fall. “We have a finite amount,” McCall said.

McCall Wines Tasting Room is open daily from noon to 5:30 pm and stays open late every Friday for “Burger Night”.  Amounts are limited and orders are only taken in person, no phone or online orders. The ranch is located at 22600 Main Road in Cutchogue.