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Credit: Joseph Pinciaro
Credit: ABC

Imagine yourself out at a North Fork tasting room one afternoon. A laborer walks up from the fields of the vineyards, sits down at a table and cracks open a cold bottle of water, taking a minute to rest. And then, one couple in the tasting room starts asking him to leave.

“Excuse me. You’re blocking our view.”

“You pick the grapes. We drink the wine.”

“The workers are supposed to be in the field.”

“I don’t mind them cutting my lawn.”

Luckily, these nasty comments were made by an actor and actress on ABC’s “What Would You Do?” The primetime show, which captures peoples’ reactions to everyday scenarios and has aired since 2008, recently filmed at Mattituck’s Macari Vineyards. The episode featuring the vineyard aired last night.


The show featured a few different segments, with the same man and woman heckling the laborer each time he went to sit down. Each time, at least one table came to the man’s defense — though not all did. The show spoke to one man who regretted not stepping up.

But Erica Goldberg did. “My parents brought me up to live in a diverse community,” the New York City resident told ABC’s John Quiñones.

In a separate segment, another table asked the man to come sit with them, while in the last bit another man teed off on the nasty couple.

“Do you guys know how disgusting you sound?” he said, gathering up his drinks while going to get his check. “Here, take my seat. You can have your view from here.”

Then Quiñones stepped in.

The man embraced the laborer as the host asked the “victim” how he felt when the customers came to his defense.

“This gentleman stepped up,” said the laborer who was named Robert. “It was great. There are good people around.”

This is the second time in recent months that a network television show aired a segment filmed at the vineyard. Today show host Matt Lauer stopped by the vineyard on May 19 as part of 230 mile charity bike tour.