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The tour boat Glory is one of the best ways to spend your day in Greenport.

Captain David Berson has been following the stars for years.

With no sailing background or knowledge, Berson went to sea right after graduating from college and the first ship he sailed aboard was a schooner called the Harvey Gamage.

“I was welcomed aboard because I played the guitar to entertain the passengers,” he recalled with a laugh.

It was a relationship that proved fortuitous. He learned celestial navigation from the captain of the boat and became so adept that he soon was teaching it to others.

“At sea, you pretty much are alone in the world,” he said. “If your mind is attuned to [navigation], it puts perspective to where we are in the world and how people have been finding their way around the earth since the first time they stared up from their fires and looked at the stars.”

Berson will bring his celestial navigation expertise to an audience this Thursday, June 25 from 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. with the lecture “Follow The Stars” at the East End Seaport Museum in Greenport.

Besides being a Merchant Marine licensed Captain, a former relief skipper and a celestial navigator instructor, Berson is also a contributing editor to Ocean Navigator Magazine, where he writes a monthly celestial navigation problem for readers to solve. He is also co-owner and operator of Glory, the only U.S. Coast Guard certified solar charged electric-powered tour boat in the country. When not conducting tours, Glory operates as a floating classroom for the not-for-profit educational foundation,  Glory Going Green, providing free art, science and writing programs for Greenport’s elementary school children. Berson runs the program with co-founder Meg Bennett.

Thursday’s lecture “Follow The Stars” is free for members; $10 admission is suggested for nonmembers. For reservations: please call 631 477-2100 or [email protected]. Leave your name, contact information, number of people in your party and which lecture(s) you will be attending.  The East End Seaport Museum is located on 3rd Street at the North Ferry dock in Greenport.