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The English lavender at Lavender by the Bay in East Marion. (Credit: Kendall Stark photo)

Susan Rozenbaum, Lavender by the Bay said that the English lavender started to bloom this weekend, a spectacular annual sight that fills the air with the flower’s fresh scent.
“It blooms for about two and half to three weeks,” she said. “We consider this the official start of the season, so we do expect more people to come out.”
Tanya Zimmerman, a visitor from New Jersey said she heard about the blooming lavender from a neighbor.
“It smells amazing, and it looks beautiful,” she said. “I’m really interested in trying the lavender honey.”
For the short window of time in which the lavender is in bloom, visitors can meander the purple fields and experience the poignant color and scent of the plant.
“As soon as the flowers start opening is when we pick the lavender,” said Rozenbaum. “We’re waiting for the moment they start to open.”
The admission to the field is $8 which guests may choose to use as a credit in the gift shop following their visit.
lavender by the bay