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Doug Ramsey, 26, of Astoria (wearing a fedora) and friends take a ride on the Wine Wagon at Greenport Harbor Brewing Co. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

From bike tours to trolleys to more exotic contraptions like the pedal-powered North Fork Wine Wagon, North Fork visitors certainly have options when it comes to getting around. 

“What’s unique about [the wine wagon] is people get to face each other and interact while they’re heading down the street,” owner Mike Roche said of his safari-style, 8- to 15-seater. “They can listen to whatever music they want, create whatever vibe they want.”

Here are six ways to get around Long Island Wine Country.

Then again, if you find yourself at Sophie’s at 2 a.m., you can always just call a taxi.

North Fork Trolley Company 
(631) 369-3031

The original and largest trolley company on the NoFo, North Fork Trolley Company is great for wedding parties and winery tours. The open air trolley offer a unique and classic way to get around town.

Pour & Pedal bike tours
(516) 987-8751

Here’s one way to burn off the calories from all that wine. The tours are leisurely, but expect to get some excursive while biking through the North Fork. Enjoy a picnic and farm stand visits along the way.

North Fork Wine Wagon
(516) 220-1392

North Fork Wine Wagon, which features seating for up to 15, is fueled by the leg power of its patrons and serves as a Wine Country transportation alternative to limos and personal cars. Roche offers tours, in which he steers the vessel along Main Road and plays music through a Blue Tooth speaker, in either three hour blocks or five hour blocks. Known as cycle pubs or beer bikes, these type of tours are popular in tourist towns like Savannah, Ga. and Asheville, N.C.

Main Street Drivers
(888) 327-4460

Love sampling the fine beverages at our local wineries and craft breweries, but sometimes get carried away without planning ahead? If so, please take down this number: 1-888-327-4460.

Those are the digits for Main Street Drivers, a chauffeur service that will dispatch a driver to come to wherever you are and drive your vehicle home while you and your tipsy friends sing Katy Perry songs in the backseat

North Fork Designated Driver
(631) 734-WINE

Who could be a better chauffeur on a North Fork wine tour than a NoFo local? That would be one who is willing to drive you in the comfort of your own ride.

Cutchogue resident Michael Malkush has launched You Drink, I Drive, a designated driver business to keep people safe and help show off the place he knows so well.

“It was an idea that came to me while I was out in California,” Malkush said. “I read about in Napa, how they would offer designated drivers. It just clicked. It just seemed like something we need on the North Fork.

Twin Forks Limousine
(631) 208-1010

A stretch limo is always a way to arrive at the vineyards in style.