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It’s the season for weddings and graduations, and the perfect gifts for these occasions are ones that will benefit the recipient for years to come. Whether someone you know just bought their first home, or a recent grad is moving into a new apartment, there are several household necessities they probably aren’t thinking of buying themselves.

Just like you needed the right tools to get through four years of college, the right tools in your home can make life that much easier. Riverhead Building Supply offers some great starter pieces — and insights on what basic tools make great gifts.

Choosing the right tools


Hanging up a wall mirror or new shelving? Do you know which drill bit, anchors, or mounting pieces you need? There’s a variety of options for a variety of projects, and if you’re new to doing these tasks on your own, it may be tricky to pick out the right pieces needed.

A good power drill is an essential tool for anyone, but it’s not always easy to know which is best for the job at hand. Click for more info. For simpler repairs and maintenance, basic drills that have two speeds will suit your needs perfectly. These types of drills, paired with a range of drill bits, make a great gift for someone just starting out on their own.

Learn about the basics


There’s a lot to know about the different tools on the market. Each type of tool is unique to the job at hand, and many cater to a variety of needs. It’s always great to speak with an expert. Riverhead Building Supply is hosting its annual tool show and sale May 14 and May 15 at the East Hampton location. Tool Show Top vendors will be on hand to answer any questions visitors may have about products, as well as offer demonstrations on how to use the tools. It is a great opportunity to not only shop for others, but maybe pick up a few essentials for yourself.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day are right around the corner. Whether it is a new set of screwdrivers or a toolbox to organize and store current gear, there are many options for gift giving when you have a do-it-yourself mom or dad. Check out some gift ideas here. Gift Ideas Stop by any of the Riverhead Building Supply stores to pick up what you need just in time!

No matter what your level of ability and experience, tools are a necessity for being self-sufficient, and always make a great gift for new homeowners, recent grads, and of course, mom & dad! Check out the stores and showrooms at Riverhead Building Supply, and never hesitate to ask one of their experts about what you need to get the job done! Riverhead Building Supply