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Laura Huber Mother's Day

Brian and I celebrating my first Mother’s Day at The Birchwood in 2007. (Credit: Laura Huber, courtesy)

Laura Huber Mother's Day

After a crazy, hectic week of scheduling and running around, Northforker Mom is ready to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Although I tell my boys that “every day is Mother’s Day,” we moms really only get one special day that’s supposed to be all about us. So for this week, I’d like to share a top five list of things I’ve learned since becoming a mom.

1. Celebrate your kids’ differences

My son Brian loves New York Rangers hockey, New York Giants football, catching fish and frogs and anything else he can get his hands on (as well as Cool Ranch Doritos.) Evan loves everything princesses, hummus, the color pink and monkeys. They seem to find common ground in video games. Sometimes it amazes me how different their interests are, but we always try to encourage them to be themselves. If kids aren’t being mean or hurting anyone, then embrace their uniqueness.

2. Kids are smarter than you think

The other day Evan asked me what happens to you after you die. I told him that different people believe different things and gave examples. It wasn’t a perfect conversation by any means, but it got both boys talking about some pretty heavy topics. Five minutes later, they moved on to Legos, a more comfortable topic. Even if your kids aren’t talking yet, be ready for some tough questions. They are coming sooner than you think.

3. Be willing to try new things — and be willing to get your kids to do new things

This goes beyond trying to get your kids to eat avocado and carrot muffins (which they did) and raw clams (which they didn’t). I have climbed playground equipment despite age warnings, hunted for terrifying bats and caught my thumbnail baiting a fish hook. Brian has reluctantly gone to summer camp only to find out he loved it. Evan was recently in a production of The Little Mermaid Jr. and loved every minute of being on stage. We’ve all learned a lot from each other by trying different things.

4. Have a sense of humor

My boys make me laugh every day. They say and do things that are so unbelievably silly that sometimes I can’t stop laughing. Other times Evan and I will just look at each other and start laughing. Or Brian will show me a cartoon and we’ll both crack up. Humor also got me through tough times when they were babies and toddlers. Potty training, though often difficult, can provide hilarious stories.

Celebrating Mother's Day at Cowfish in 2013.
Celebrating Mother’s Day at Cowfish in 2013.

5. Nothing beats a great support system

Since Brian and Evan were born, their grandparents, aunts and uncles have always been a part of their lives. In addition to support, babysitting and cheerleading, they’ve provided special “curly noodles” (their favorite pasta), fishing trips, juice boxes and books. The boys are incredibly lucky to have so many special people in their lives.

Oh, and if there’s one more thing to add, make sure you make mom feel special on Mother’s Day. Northforker Mom is looking forward to brunch at Cowfish in Hampton Bays, but there are so many great places you can go with your kids.

Here are some of our other favorites:

Birchwood of Polish Town in Riverhead

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center in Riverhead

Claudio’s Restaurant in Greenport

Hellenic Snack Bar in East Marion

Laura Huber