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Wendy's Deli tacos

A trio of tacos from Wendy’s Deli. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Wendy's Deli tacos

We are really digging “Taco Tuesday” at Wendy’s Sound Avenue Deli and think you will too.

That is, if you get there early enough to order them.

Two co-workers and I arrived at the deli at 2 p.m. on Tuesday specifically for these south-of-the-border treats. But unfortunately, there was only one serving left by the time we arrived.

My generous co-workers allowed me to have the last one so I could spread the word to our hungry readers. They were so filling, I could only eat two of the three that came in the dish (one of my co-workers happily took the remaining taco off my hands.)

The offerings for this weekly special vary by week and Wendy’s was serving pulled pork tacos on Tuesday.

The meat, lettuce and cheese on the taco were tasty enough, but the real standout of the meal was the homemade corn tortillas. Made in-house by longtime Wendy’s Deli employee Sylvia Marcos, these soft tortillas will make any tacos made with store bought wraps just seem sad in comparison.

“We’re trying to make them every week,” said deli owner Wendy Zuhoski, who rolled out the menu option about three weeks ago. Previous options have included ground beef with lettuce and tomato and chicken topped with sour cream, cilantro and lime.

“Next, we’re going to do a nacho taco,” Zuhoski said.

Mental note: get there next week before noon.

Another bonus of ordering the tacos (or anything off the specials menu) is that you get a spin on the prize wheel. I won a free Joe Tea and one of my co-workers won a quarter pound of mac salad.

At just $6.50 for the trio of tacos and an iced tea, we might just declare this the most bang for your bang on the North Fork.

Good stuff, Wendy.

Wendy’s Deli is located at 55 Route 48 in Mattituck

Joe Tea Wendy's Deli
My free Joe Tea. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Vera Chinese


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