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Dave Witzke Albertson's Marine

Dave Witzke and Sheri Winter Clarry at Albertson’s Marine in Southold. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Dave Witzke Albertson's Marine

Ahoy mates! In this week’s edition of The Spin, we’re going to talk about upping your boating game. If you’ve been reading and watching, you know I dig boating.

Being that ’tis the season, we’re bringing you some spring boating basics from local pro, Dave Witzke of Albertson Marine in Southold.

Outlined below are some basics from Dave.

Before you get your boat in the water:

1) You want to make sure your bilge pump and your automatic pump are working. Even if you have to crawl down into your bilge you check that your automatic pumps are working.

2) You want to make sure your battery terminals are clean. Your batteries should be disconnected from the winter. And you’re going to clean your terminals and reconnect your battery.

3) You want to make sure your engine pumps are circulating water through the engine cooling system. Trust me, you won’t get far if you don’t.

And be sure visit to check what safety equipment is required for your vessel.

Whistles, horns, fire extinguishers, flares, parachute flares, life jackets for every person on board are very important, Dave told us.

Local marinas like Albertson and West Marine in Riverhead sells these kits and various other boating products. They’re a great resource.

Dave had some other great tips so watch the video below.

Looking forward to sharing the next episode of The Spin with you!

Albertson Marine Inc. is located at 61205 New York State Route 25 in Southold. Reach them at (631) 765-3232

Sheri Winter Clarry