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Think retirement planning is just for the 50+? Think again. Once you enter the workforce it is time to start thinking about your future. Whether you are fresh out of college or transitioning into a new position in a company, it is never too early to start planning for your 4th Age – the age of your retirement. How do you want to spend it? What should you be considering? Peconic Landing has gathered the resources to prepare you no matter what stage of life you are in. In the months to come we will guide you through some of the important topics to consider.

Financial Planning

While you are calculating your income, determining expenses, and creating budgets for yourself and your household, it is important to factor in your retirement. There are a number of options your company may offer, the most well known of which being 401K plans. Did you know your company may match your savings up to a certain point, ultimately doubling what you will have when you are 65, 75, even 90 years old? There are many ways to save and plan for your future as we will discover. Best online tools

Long-term care Planning


Do you know if you plan on investing in long-term care insurance? Do you want to reside in your home or are you open to the thought of community living? These are all questions to ask yourself when planning for your long-term care. Some communities, such as Peconic Landing, offer a Lifecare model which essentially incorporates long-term care insurance into a monthly service fee click for info . Don’t understand what a Lifecare model is? Think you are too young to think about making plans? We will explore the different menu of opportunities when planning for your long-term care to prepare you at any age!


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As we age we see changes within ourselves. Maybe keeping up with the grandkids just isn’t as fun, or your daily exercise has slowly become more difficult to complete. There are many ways to keep your body going and not let age effect who you are. In upcoming posts we will inform you about nutrition, physical and emotional wellness, intelligence/mental wellness, cultural aspects, and prevention. Let’s be sure to keep your mind and body on the move!


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For your 85th birthday, how will you celebrate? Maybe a small party surrounded by family and friends, or maybe jumping out of an airplane for the first time? The possibilities are endless, and it is all about how you live your life. There are many things that you enjoy now, and aging doesn’t mean they need to stop! Whether you are 30, 60, 90 or 102 life is what you choose to make it. Peconic Landing lifestyle

There is a lot to talk about regarding your future, and now is the time. Stay tuned for what else Peconic Landing has to offer, and be proactive in your future planning!